french press. clear cup.

Serving clear cup of filter cacao

Our brew guides serve as a good way to start. Do play with them. We decrease water temperature, because cacao (even light roasts) benefits from it. It creates a more 'complex' cup and a better flow. Our filter cacao mostly requires a longer brew than typically for coffee.
Don't compare to much, explore.

. cacao      16g  
. water       250g (use filtered water for the best result)
. ratio        01:15
. temp       85-92°C

_ note 01 : delivers a brighter, crisper cup vs traditional french press
_ note 02 : removing the grounds before plunging down results in a lighter bodied-brew


. preheat french press
. add and level the cacao grounds / tare scale
. pour 250 grams of water onto the cacao / saturate all
. place the lid / don’t plunge down

. scoop of the crust & floating parts
. place the lid and lower plunger just above the water level

. slowly press down the plunger
. decant into pre-heated decanter (or mug) to stop extraction
. stop pouring when sediments would come out

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