auto drip. batch brew.

brewing filter cacao with moccamaster (batch brew)

(for MOCCAMASTER add a metal filter into the paper filter to compensate with the fast flow & high water temperature)
Our brew guides serve as a good way to start. Do play with them. We decrease water temperature, because cacao (even light roasts) benefits from it. It creates a more 'open' cup and a better flow. 
Our ground cacao mostly requires a longer brew than typically for coffee. Don't compare to much, explore. 

Moccamaster :
- add metal filter basket into paper filter (metal on the inside, paper on the outside)*
- standard boiler temperature
- standard or slow flow 

Sage / Bun :
- advanced brew settings
- boiler temp 85-90°C
- minimal bloom time
- slow(est) flow 

recipe based on conic filter basket (for Bun & Sage you can increase volume using the flat bottom basket)

. cacao          45g (for Moccamaster limit to 30g)
. water           750g (for Moccamaster limit to 500g) 
. ratio             01:16.67
. temp            85°-90°C / 88°C suggested
. yield             +- 85% water out

_ note 01 : 9 to 10 minutes total brew time for Sage/Bun (Moccamaster will need approx 12:00)
_ note 02 : flat bottom basket allows larger batch with a similar brew time


_ prewet paper filter
_ add and level the cacao grounds
_ fill the water reservoir with filtered water
_ start the brew program 
_ once the pouring process of the brew program is ended (all water out of reservoir), swirl the brew baskets if desired  
_ when most of the water has passed through the cacao bed, you can start enjoying your filter cacao


* to add, or not to add, a metal filter

Some of our pour over and auto drip brew guides work both with and without the addition of a metal filter in your paper filter (paper below, metal on top that is).

Adding the metal filter will assist in a lower water resistance, resulting in a shorter brew time and/or higher yield.
Using only a paper filter will increase the TDS, but will result in a lower yield within the same brew time. You could however play with bypasses according to your preference.

For chemex we like to use the Kinto SCS Filter 4 cups. For the Moccamaster and other autodrip coffee makers we use Westmark Permanent Coffee Filter, size04.

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