V60 switch. immersion.

brewing filter cacao with V60 switch (immersion)

Our brew guides serve as a good way to start. Do play with them. We decrease water temperature, because cacao (even light roasts) benefits from it. It creates a more 'complex' cup and a better flow. Our filter cacao mostly requires a longer brew than typically for coffee.
Don't compare to much, explore.

. cacao     16g  
. water      240g (use filtered water for the best result)
. ratio        01:15
. temp       82-85°C / 84°C suggested as start point
. yield        83% water out (+- 200g depending on origin)

_ note 01: brew ‘inverted’, switch closed, water in first
_ note 02: ‘end of brew’ is time-based, not when brewer runs empty
_ note 03: the shorter brew time gives more fruity acidity, the longer one more chocolate-presence


. rinse paper filter & preheat brewer/server
. close switch & add 240g of heated water + tare scale
. add 16g of cacao grounds
. stir grounds vigorously to start extraction 
. start timer

02:30 / 03:00    
. break crust if present / light stir of water surface

03:00 / 03:30    
. open switch 

05:00 / 05:30    
. ‘end of brew’ = close switch and remove (even with some brew left in the brewer) 

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