Interested to serve barista-grade cacao beverages?


Specialty coffee bars distinguish themselves through skillful coffee experiences.

A menu focussed on great coffees and a selection of high quality teas, that are a level above the coffee and tea their customers can make at home. But specialty coffee bars should be able to stand out with consistent specialty offerings throughout their entire menu.


Don't let your customer experience down serving lower quality hot chocolates.

You are fanatical about the coffee you serve. And so you should.
Don't go for big industry hot chocolate. Either drops, sticks or powders that need to be stirred or overheated. Bottle necks in your fast-paced service. Where cacao beans are last in a long list of ingredients (if present at all). It's a misfit with your coffee philosophy, resulting in an inconsistent drinks offering & customer experience.


Match your hot chocolate offering with your level of coffee quality & attention.

Don't miss out of the opportunity to highlight the skillful métier of your baristas. To upgrade your hot chocolate menu and revenue. Serve the purest small batch drinking chocolates. Different origins, cacao intensities & flavor experiences.

Our chocolate is ground, so baristas can prepare artisanal hot chocolates on the steam wand of their espresso machine, with incredible speed, ease & consistency. High quality, made easy.
With cacao beans first, always.

You're exploring by nature. Give in.

We’re always on the look out for new partners and exciting projects. For those showcasing their exploring nature. Having your finger on the pulse, offering your customers clean, transparent drinking experiences. Contact us for a professional account and share some background info on your business. We are looking forward to collaborate.

we’ll get back to you with our conditions for professionals.