flat bottom. single pour.

flat bottom. single pour.

kalita 155 or 185 paper filter combined with Origami, Orea, Kalita etc brewer. 

this filter style will bring out a somewhat heavier body and highlight nutty, chocolate flavors. 

15g ground cacao nibs 

200g water (use filtered water for the best result)

85°C water temperature

05:30 brew time (or shorter depending on type of water, paper filter, etc.)


. rinse paper filter & preheat brewer/server
. add 15g of cacao grounds / level + tare scale

. slowly pour 200g of water 
. use about 45-60 seconds to complete this pour 
. start with small circles in the middle (size of an euro-coin)
. with 150g in, pour in larger circles towards the edge of the brewer

end of brew
. you will yield approx 170g of filter cacao 
‘end of brew’ is time-based, not when brewer runs empty
. we recommend not the pass the 05:30 time mark 
. after this time you would extract more bitternes with a dryer mouthfeel   

Our brew guides serve as a good way to start. Do play with them. We decrease water temperature, because cacao (even light roasts) benefits from it. It creates a more 'complex' cup and the required flow. Our filter cacao mostly requires a longer brew than typically for coffee. Don't compare to much, explore.