Drinking chocolate.

Barista-grade. Made easy.

Developed in consultation with baristas.

seeking a cleaner drink, aiming for a chocolate offering fitting the level of coffee quality.
Aligned with their métier & passion for origin experiences. And overal exceeding their existing solutions; 
being it drops (callets), sticks, powders or ground chocolates where cacao beans are often last in a long list of ingredients (if present).


A chocolate offering fitting the level of coffee quality.

Good drinking chocolate should only have 3 ingredients: cacao beans, cacao butter & unrefined sugar.
No powders, no additives, no bullshitting around. With cacao beans first. Always.
Only from light roasted beans, retaining the taste of origin.
Full of antioxidants and flavonoids & with a high cacao content stimulating endorphin production.


Ready to prepare with incredible speed & ease.

Straight hot chocolates or shots that can be finished with latte art.
Never with the need to overheat the milk or plant-based alternative. Or to stir like a fool.
Different origins, cacao intensities & flavor experiences. Ground for a fast, top quality brew.
That’s what we call barista-grade.