Filter cacao.

World's first. Other bean. Same routine.

Rethinking the way we experience cacao beans.

From transparently sourced, single origin cacao beans.
Only light roast, retaining all nutrients, antioxidants & the defined taste of origin.


New drink with great specialty coffee similarities.

Shared dna, hardware, brew recipes & origin experiences.
And a whole set of new flavours.

Inspired by the exploring nature of specialty coffee roasters, baristas & bean-to-bar-chocolatiers.
Filter cacao is a clean, transparent drinking experience. Vegan & artificial-free.


As good as caffeine-free, but full of energy.

Packed with theobromine, a natural long-lasting steady kick of energy without coffee jitters.
Full of antioxidants and flavonoids & with a high cacao content stimulating endorphin production.
No moderation needed. Making this beverage a good choice round the clock.