this is the easiest way to create a smooth, super rich, velvety and fast hot chocolate. No need to overheat your milk (or plant-based alternative). No need to stir like a fool. 

Ratio between ground chocolate and milk or plant-based alternative is of course to your taste, time of day ;-) and the intensity of our (single origin) ground chocolate. 
Everything between 1:5 - 1:8 deliveries a tasty result. From rich & lush to light touched. We like to go for a 1 to 6 ratio for a good balanced intense hot chocolate. 

. chocolate     35g ground chocolate
. milk/mylk     210g (whole) milk or plant-based option 
. ratio             1 part ground chocolate to 6 parts of milk
. temp            heating cold milk to max 65°C


. gently heat your milk or plant-based option in a pan on the stovetop 
. once heated (don't go over 70°C), add your ground chocolate 
. keep the pan on a light heat and stir the chocolate through the warm milk or plant-based option

. you can add some ground chocolate on top or serve with one of our large chocolate buttons for snacking ;-) 

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