steam wand. cappuccino styled.

steam wand. cappuccino styled.

this is the finest way to create a smooth, super rich, velvety hot chocolate with latte art. No need to overheat your milk (or plant-based alternative). No need to stir like a fool. 

The final intensity of this drinking chocolate will of course be defined by the size of the final cup when adding your steamed milk or plant-based alternative.

. chocolate     25g ground chocolate
. milk/mylk     100g to create the hot chocolate part
                       50-85g to finish with latté art (defined by cup size)
. ratio             1:6 to 1:7.5 in the finished beverage 
. temp            steaming cold milk to max 65°C

_ note 01 :  adjust volumes to your cup-sizes for cappuccino / latté
_ note 02 :  this recipe delivers a more ‘folded in’ taste & mouthfeel compared to the ‘chocolate shot’ recipe


. add milk & ground chocolates into your milk pitcher
  (milk or chocolate in first … both ways work just fine)

. start steaming, aerating the milk / plant-based option

. create an angle to start churning so all grounds get saturated

. once the 60°C mark is reached, stop the steaming process

. you will end up with a smooth hot chocolate with a nice foam on top

. only fill the cup/mug/glass for approximate 60% with hot chocolate

. fill the remaining space with steamed milk, creating latté art

You can easily scale the volume by using larger milk pitchers. 
Or adapting the ratio of your preference. 

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