steam wand. chocolate shot base.

steam wand. chocolate shot base.

this is the finest way to create a smooth, super rich, velvety hot chocolate with latte art. No need to overheat your milk (or plant-based alternative). No need to stir like a fool. 

The final intensity of this drinking chocolate will of course be defined by the size of the final cup when adding your steamed milk or plant-based alternative. 

. chocolate     25g ground chocolate
. hot water      36g of water, of the boil
. milk/mylk     depending on drink style, desired intensity, cup size
. ratio             1:1.4 for the chocolate shot
. temp            heating cold milk to max 65°C

_ note 01 :  this can be used to create a latté or cortado styled drink
_ note 02 :  chocolate shot can be prepared using the steam wand (gentle) or by just stirring both together


. add ground chocolates & hot water into your milk pitcher
  stir to combine & gently open the steam wand to homogenize the shot

. pour the shot in a small cup or glass for a cortado-styled drink
  or in a mug for a chocolate shot latté finish

. steam your milk and finish the cup/mug with latté art working the
  chocolate as if it were an espresso shot

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