french press.

Cup of filter cacao in front of french press

FRENCH PRESS . immersion

brews a 'dirtier' cup compared to paper filter pour over brew styles. 
but as cacao butter isn't filtered out, it delivers a more 'buttery' cup, which marriages great with a splash of (steamed) milk, creamer, sweetener ... 

25g ground cacao nibs 

300g water (use filtered water for the best result)

90°C-95°C water temperature (based on own preference)

08:00 brew time 


. preheat french press
. add and level the cacao grounds / tare scale

. pour 100 grams of water onto the cacao, swirl to saturate all
. at 00:30 pour the remaining 200 grams of water / don't place the lid
. at 04:30 break the crust and stir 10 times back & forth
. place the lid without pushing the plunger

end of brew
. at 08:00 slowly press down the plunger and serve into your cup

Our brew guides serve as a good way to start. Do play with them. We decrease water temperature, because cacao (even light roasts) benefits from it. It creates a more 'complex' cup and a better flow. 
Our filter cacao mostly requires a longer brew than typically for coffee. Don't compare to much, explore.